All of us require cables for charging our tablets and phones. These devices are everywhere nowadays. Nobody wants to be with a low battery device. And the charging is possible because of cables. However, they are made in a way that you’ll need to change them. But the problem is that it’s not difficult to break cables. They can be short, long ones as well as those made from tough materials. When you’re holding a device while also charging the cord is likely to bend at an angle. It’s usually a soft bent force however it’s a bending force, nevertheless, it’s also a force that can wear down the cable to the point of death.

However, thanks to the right-angle design the Right Angle Lightning Cable mentioned below doesn’t face this problem. It’s not just that, the wire itself is sturdy as they come. The strong aramid fiber supports cores. This angle means that you won’t need to keep replacing the connectors.

Right-angle connectors offer a great solution to a common problem. They make cables last longer. They stop the cables from the hanging place when they’re connected, or hindering your hands. They’re not much more costly or complex than other types of cables.

UGREEN Right Angle Lightning to USB A Cable

There are many right-angle lightning cables, but none quite like the UGREEN Right Angle Lightning to USB A Cable. UGREEN Apple charger cable contains an authorization chip that is issued by Apple and Intelligently detects your device, allowing it to charge the fastest charge possible and also protecting the battery.

Another benefit of the cable is that it can charge your smartphone within a short time. Other cables won’t charge your device as fast as this. However, that’s not the only benefit of this cable. It’s not only a charging cable, it can be connected to your computer to transfer information.

Data will move through the computers to your mobile within a matter of minutes. Lightning charging cables let you both sync and charge simultaneously. Enjoy lightning-fast data transfer, syncing, and charging. It can support high-speed charging (5V/2.4A maximum) that is not lower in syncing and charging performance, even when compared to the original cable. It supports high-speed transfer with speeds up to 480Mbps. It speeds up the flow and the transfer of files. You can also get a one at


Nylon is the highest standard surface for charging cables. It’s extremely safe from various forces. It’s also a great choice as it permits you to actually tie knots without damaging the wires that are inside.

If you connect a right-angle connector and have the cable in a downward position then it will likely pass through your fingers. Then you’ll need to begin considering the feel of the cable and the ease with which it can be clean. This is another place where nylon is a great choice however you need to be careful when cleaning the cable since the fibers of nylon can fray.


It could last as long as 5000 bends. However, because the cable is braided and protected does not mean you have to use it in a rough manner.


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